Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Here is my update for this month:
I finished the graphics part of my engine and worked on the collision detection. It’s very early in development and full of bugs, but I'm confident, that I will finish it by the end of next month :D.

I also created my first sprites and tried to animate one of them, but I’m not quiet happy with the result -_-‘.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Well … this is my first blog entry. I don’t really know what I should write in this post, therefore I probably should begin with a brief summary of my plans for this blog.

This blog is about the development of my game “The Ipswich Incident”. The Ipswich Incident will be a metroidvania / rpg styled hentai game. I am developing for the Nintendo DS because I love the idea of playing my own game on a real game console. Of course you can play my game also on your PC, on your phone or any other device with a NDS emulator. If you have a flash card you can even play it on a real DS!

I work on this game in my free time, so I will most likely update this blog every month.

What is planned for The Ipswich Incident?
•  a lovecraftian styled horror story
•  sprite graphics with retro aesthetics
•  a customizable main char
•  different weapons, armors and clothes
•  a series of spells
•  unique H-animations for every enemy
•  a complex sanity / lust / corruption system
•  fitting BGM

Because I develop this game for the NDS I have to write my own game engine. Which means this project will probably need more time than other hentai games, but I am confident with the support of you guys I will be able to create an awesome game.